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Announcement: July 5, 2015

As most of you know, I will be retiring officially on August 26th, but I will still be around Queens and in my old office, PH306f, usually on Wednesday, as until further notice. I am still doing some research and writing as well as digitizing my various working papers and my oft-cited dissertation about Soviet foreign trade in the industrialization process. Stop be and see me as time permits,


My dear students and colleagues at Queens College.

After 44 years of teaching and partipating in the affairs of the college and the Economics Department, I have decided to retired for health reasons (a rapid onset of painful osteoarthrisis on top of a long history of idiosyncratic peripheral neuropathy). 

I will miss you all, but I plan to come in frequently to do some research and writing, plus come to the seminars and other events.

I will post my tentative dates here as I clean up QC stuff from the past.


Michael R. Dohan

Associate Professor of Economics



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